Karen Smith is a Forensic Specialist and regular guest on CNN, HLN and Nancy Grace's Crime Stories



Bare Bones Consulting, LLC specializes in forensic consulting and instruction, crime scene, bloodstain pattern and cold case analysis and crime scene reconstruction. Our mission is the discovery and communication of the truth via scientific forensic analysis of criminal and civil cases.

Past projects include crime scene and bloodstain pattern analysis for LAPD, Miami PD, Knoxville PD, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and Florida's 4th and 8th and 18th  Judicial Circuit Courts. Current projects include a multiple scene homicide and a 51 year-old cold case from North Carolina which has been reopened based upon newly discovered forensic evidence.




Bare Bones Consulting, LLC completes forensic analysis for private attorneys, private investigators, State Attorney's Offices, Defense Attorneys and in some cases, private citizens.

For on-scene, immediate consulting services, please contact via the link. 


"If you wish to use my name and former position as a retired New York State Supreme Court Justice as a reference please fell free to do so. My recommendation is based on the video I saw of your testimony at trial, which I felt worthy of my recommendation. Good luck."

~Judge Lou Benza, Retired New York State Supreme Court Justice

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